Teacher’s Pack Financial Accounting

What exactly is the Teacher’s Pack for ‘Where’s the Money?’

This comprehensive teacher’s pack consists of both a full-size parallel book with key and a loose-leaf collection for your file of invaluable teaching tips and materials such as photocopiable worksheets, student tasks etc. for the classroom use.

The package presents

detailed keys to all tasks printed in red and laid out exactly as in the student’s book

tried-and-tested hints regarding lesson sequence

easy-to-understand tips for timesaving lessons preparation

photocopiable task sheets for extra student activities in perfect A4-size format

ready-made step-by-step instructions for student activities to be projected in the classroom

easy-to-grasp layout

The Teacher’s Pack of ‘Where’s the Money? is tailor-made

for teachers in bilingual and immersive courses in Swiss commercial and business schools as well as introductory studies in financial accounting in tertiary level business colleges who use ‘Where’s the Money’ in their teaching.

for accountants and fiduciaries in Switzerland who are working in an English-speaking environment.

What exactly does the teacher’s pack look like?

Title: "Where’s the Money? – A Bilingual Course in Financial Accounting. Teacher’s Pack"
Series: bili-books | in: Der Dito – Das beste Lernbuch
First edition, 2016, authors Nicole Widmer, Christoph Hohl.
The package consists of 2 parts:
A) Answer Key
248 pages, paperback.
Format 210 x 277 mm, contents printed in black, blue and red (answers).
B) Materials
32 pages, loose-leaf collection in folder for individual use.
Format A4 (210 x 297 mm), printed in mono-chrome black.
Shrink-wrapped, available as a package only.
Print version only
ISBN 978-3952-1442-9-9
€ 146.00 / Fr. 156.00
Bundle: Print plus E-Book (Version 2020)
ISBN 978-3952-4706-9-5
€ 164.00 / Fr. 175.00

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